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About Maxiget Software Manager

Extensive software library

Maxiget Software Manager provides you with access to hundreds of popular programs and applications that will meet your needs. The software catalogue is constantly updated with new additions and the latest versions of available software.

Discover something new

Finding new software to tinker around with has never been this easy. Maxiget Software Manager organizes software by category, provides a convenient search option, shows you the number of times a piece of software has been downloaded, and how other users have rated the software.

Fast installation

Once you’ve found what you were looking for, simply click the download button. Once the download is completed the install manager will guide you through the process.

Uninstall programs directly from the Maxiget Software Manager. Whether you’ve found a better alternative or are just tired of what you have, MSM will make the uninstall process very easy. Open the Uninstall Software menu and get rid of the applications you no longer need.


All software available through the Maxiget Software Manger comes from the official websites and is checked for viruses before you install the application.


Software becomes outdated quite quickly, as users’ demands grow. We all need to update our application collection from time to time. What can be easier than to download it directly from the Internet? However, downloading software online comes with risks. Downloading software from the internet comes with worries about what “nuggets” could come with the software you are downloading (trojans, spyware, viruses, etc.).

With Maxiget Software Manager you can forget about such troubles once and for all!

Maxiget Software Manager is the next-generation software installer and manager. Featuring a simple, yet stylish interface, it gives you a possibility to discover, download and install the cream of the crop programs, in just several clicks. Maxiget Software Manager provides only the best software, based on actual users reviews, total number of downloads and a competent opinion of Softsonic editors.

With the help of Maxiget Software Manager you can:

  • Discover a great number of the best software available on the Internet
  • Browse through various categories to find the apps you need
  • Always keep all your programs up-to-date
  • Download and install new software in just a few click
  • Be sure to have no viruses or spyware
  • Find software based on other users ratings and downloads
  • Easily uninstall the software you no longer need