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About Maxiget Download Manager

Download manager is a computer program designed for downloading files from the Internet or local network.
Download manager is one of the most needed and called for software categories for both domestic and commercial use. Nevertheless there are lots of people who still ignore download managers and use standard instruments built in their browsers. If you download something once a year you might not need any special software for that and go with standard browser resources. But lets imagine that you decided to download a big file. That file is being downloaded for hours and hours and here it is - only 1% of the download is left. And suddenly your network connection breaks. You need to start the download again. From the very beginning. Are you sure you want to start it all over again?

Well if you feel like answering “no” to that question - a download manager is a solution for your troubled soul. As soon as you have it on your computer and use it - you will surely feel the difference, as the whole download process will become much simpler, comfortable and productive.

Maxiget is a universal and multifunctional download manager which will come up to expectations of every user, be it an inexperienced newcomer or a computer geek.

Maxiget is 100% free and 100% clean. It keeps you free from both expenses and malware. Neither does it bother you with registration requirements - you just visit the website and download the software right to your computer.

Maxiget supports many protocols which makes it a really universal.

Maxiget integrates with browsers perfectly, doesn’t contain any advertising modules. It´s functionality and usability will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated minds.

The download and installation processes are absolutely clear and simple. We’ve done our best to make your experience with using Maxiget as pleasant as possible. To that end we’ve arranged installation default settings in the way most suitable for you. However, you can change and customize these settings whenever you want.

With the help of Maxiget you can:

  • Suspend the download and then continue it when you want. So now you won’t have to adjust your own timetable to downloading processes on your computer. From now on you are the one who schedules your downloads.
  • Resume broken downloads from the point they were interrupted. No need to download the files all over again!
  • Get your files faster than ever due to our unique methodology. Maxiget downloads a file in multiple streams, which enables to increase the download speed significantly.
  • Receive the size of the file before the download started. Forewarned is forearmed!
  • Organize your downloads according to their type and keep them in order. Now you won’t have to waste your precious time in order to find the needed file.
  • Provide the status of each download for you to prioritize your downloads in the desired order.
  • Save the links to downloaded files. Now in order to share the finding with somebody you won’t have to send them the whole file - just share the link!