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Browser integration

Maxiget Browser integration

Maxiget is a simple and handy tool to help you download files faster and safer. Our app boosts your download speed and allows to manage and organize your downloads.
It integrates with most popular browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Maxiget Speed optimization

Speed optimization

fastest speed more ways to download
Maxiget Speed optimization

Before starting the download Maxiget checks different ways to download files and chooses the best, fastest and safest one. As the download starts, Maxiget splits it into multiple streams to optimize downloading process and get files faster.

Also Maxiget does not slow down speed of your browser.

Minimum resources

Maxiget Minimum resources

Maxiget is easy to use and does not overload your computer. We optimized its architecture and algorithms to minimize usage of bandwidth, processor time and memory.

Maxiget download manager needs minimum resources to download files.

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